They Are Scared: Why China Wants Hong Kong So Badly

They Are Scared: Why China Wants Hong Kong So Badly

A common talking point among socialists is US imperialism during the post-war era against communist regimes was because the US was afraid people would see there system. (Odd then the US took in so many refugees from the USSR, but that’s besides the point) Of course, the main reason we stopped the spread of the USSR was because they were trying to kill us, but that’s besides the point.

I will point out that I do agree with the socialist when they say we should not have overthrown many communist governments that had nothing to do with the regime. However, that does not mean the threat the United Soviet Socialist Republic both had and openly claimed to have had should be downplayed just because we went to far in the other direction.

Why do I bring this up? Because I can’t help but notice that many of the anti-imperialist leftists are quiet of Chinese imperialism against Hong Kong. Far as I can tell famous left-wing intellectual—who I do enjoy a good amount of the time—Noam Chomsky has not said anything about this. Yet, we both know if the US were to do the same thing he would be shouting from the rooftops. The most he has done is stop supporting China financially in 2018, however he has still remained silent on the issue in regards to using his public platform.

My good friend (and the creator of this great website) Tyler Bauer recently wrote a great article breaking down the conflict between Hong Kong and China over the past six months. I also wrote an article fairly recently over at Medium on this exact same subject. However, I would like to put it here once and for all why I believe Hong Kong is the envy of China.

China is failing, even in spite of the huge boosts they had thanks to a 20 year boom and a large amount of natural resources. Hong Kong is succeeding despite no natural resources. Hong Kong has the freest market in the world, China is a communist state.

It is clear to me that China wishes to contain the example Hong Kong gives us to the rest of the world—I have dubbed this practice a reverse Truman Doctrine. Just as Truman wished to contain communism, Xi Jiping wishes to contain capitalism. However, Hong Kong is not threatening nor do they have anything worth taking, as such it must be the fact that China knows capitalist Hong Kong will defeat—or bury—them.

We are winning, and they know it.

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