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The State of Gun Control in America

By Tyler Bauer

If you follow the gun control debate, you’ve probably heard a supporter of gun control try to reason with gun owners by saying, “Nobody wants to take your guns.” This is a lie, of course, but supporters of gun control still pretend to support the Second Amendment. However, the past few weeks have proven that supporters of gun control really do want to take your guns.

“Red Flag” Laws

Red flag laws are gun laws that allow the government to take one’s guns away if it is believed that the gun owner poses a risk to him or herself and others. For this to happen, the police, family members, and/or friends can request that a judge grants an order for the police to confiscate the firearms owned by the alleged threatening individual.

While this may seem like a great idea, it’s extremely unconstitutional. This violates the Second Amendment by infringing upon one’s right to bear arms and the Fourteenth Amendment by allowing a state to deprive gun owners of their property without due process. The argument can be – and has been – made that requiring a court to grant the order satisfies due process, but this is untrue. Due process requires an extensive fact-finding process in which parties can debate the issue at hand; a judge signing a piece of paper simply doesn’t meet that standard. Furthermore, in many cases, the gun owner has no opportunity to defend him or herself before such an order is granted.

Red flag laws now exist in a total of twelve states, with Maryland being one of the latest to adopt such legislation. Darren Popkin, the sheriff of Montgomery County, Maryland, believes red flag laws can save lives. However, Maryland’s new red flag law has done exactly the opposite.

Two police officer’s arrived at sixty-one year old Gary J. Willis’ home at 5 AM a couple weeks ago. The officers were there to execute a firearm confiscation order under Maryland’s new red flag law. Willis had his gun in his hand when he checked to see who was knocking at the door. Upon seeing that he was being visited by police officers, Willis set his gun down, believing his was in no danger. However, after talking briefly with the officers, Willis realized why the officers were in his home – they were taking his gun away. Willis picked up his gun – without pointing at the officers or threatening them – and intended to keep his gun in his possession. After all, Willis had done nothing wrong and was the rightful owner of the gun. Next, an officer reached for the gun and tried to wrestle it away from Willis. In the struggle that ensued, Willis’ gun fired, but nobody was hurt. Nonetheless, an officer shot and killed Willis. Although the officers killed Willis, they seem to believe it was worth it, as Anne Arundel County police chief Timothy Altomare believes killing Willis – an innocent man – may have saved countless lives.

Threatening to Nuke Gun Owners

Not to be outdone by the police officers in Maryland, Representative Eric Swalwell – a Democrat from California – proposed nuking his constituents to enforce gun control. No, really, he actually said that.

After the backlash that ensued, which seemed to come as a surprise to Representative Swalwell, the Representative attempted to clarify his comments by saying he was “being sarcastic” in threatening to nuke Americans who want to keep their “assault rifles.” (Never mind the fact that nobody can explain what constitutes an “assault rifle.”) Anyone with a brain knows that nuking your own constituents isn’t something to joke about, especially on a medium like Twitter where sarcasm can be hard to detect. Furthermore, I don’t think Swalwell was being all that sarcastic. Would he seriously advocate nuking gun owners who refuse to give up their guns? No, definitely not. However, I think he would advocate for sending the police to gun owners’ homes to take their guns away.

Sadly, the death of Gary Willis in Maryland proves that politicians like Representative Swalwell are already advocating for the killing of gun owners by law enforcement officials.

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