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Who Should Replace Justice Kennedy?

By Tyler Bauer

Following Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement announcement, many have speculated as to who President Trump will select to fill the upcoming vacancy on the Supreme Court. President Trump is expected to select one of the candidates from a previously-released list. While I am sure a number of these candidates would make a fine Supreme Court Justice, they all fall short of the best candidate available – Judge Andrew Napolitano, aka “Judge Nap.”

Judge Nap is a candidate who all freedom-lovers can – and should – support. He is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and a die-hard originalist in his interpretation of the Constitution, going even further than renowned originalists Robert Bork and Justice Antonin Scalia. All of Judge Nap’s career has been dedicated to advancing individual freedom by fighting off government encroachment on our God-given rights. Additionally, Judge Nap received his undergraduate degree from Princeton University and his Juris Doctor from Notre Dame Law School, which speaks to his intelligence. After law school, Judge Nap has spent time in private practice, in academia, on the New Jersey Supreme Court, and even on television. Given his wide range of experiences, he is arguably the most well-rounded candidate to replace Justice Kennedy.

Unfortunately, barring something unforeseen, Judge Nap does not appear to be on President Trump’s radar. This is disappointing, as very few presidents have the opportunity to nominate two freedom-loving justices to swing the balance of the Supreme Court for years to come. So far, Justice Gorsuch – President Trump’s other appointee – has been a tremendous success. In my opinion, nominating Justice Gorsuch for the Supreme Court is by far President Trump’s greatest success since entering office. President Trump has already given this country a gift by nominating Justice Gorsuch, and nominating Judge Andrew Napolitano would be another huge step towards restoring individual freedom.

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