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Property Rights (Again)

By Tyler Bauer

Last Sunday, I wrote on the intersection of religion, LGBTQ, and property rights. I’m revisiting that same case today.

Remnant Fellowship Church - which had posted “LGBTQ is a hate crime against God. Repent.” on their sign - has been evicted from their building. At this time, it is unclear whether the church has any plans to relocate.

Just as I supported Remnant Fellowship Church’s right to post that message because they own the sign, I support the building owner’s right to evict the church. The church was acting in a way that the building’s owner apparently did not approve of, so the building owner has every right to evict the church.

This should be a pretty simple issue - people and companies have the right to do as they please with their property. However, I doubt the religious community will see things my way. Now, their feelings are hurt and they feel wronged by the basic principle of property rights, just as the LGBTQ supporters did last week.

Instead of thinking emotionally, let’s try thinking rationally and respecting others’ property rights. 

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