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President Trump, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

By Tyler Bauer

A couple months ago, I wrote about former President Obama winning a peace prize. I thought – and still think – that this award was wholly undeserved. To no one’s surprise, recent events have proven that both sides of the aisle are capable of overlooking atrocities.

Last month, President Trump was reportedly nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Trump was allegedly nominated by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, but Prime Minister Abe has neither confirmed nor denied these reports (which is probably a good choice).

Regardless of who nominated President Trump, I think it’s safe to say that he isn’t deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize. With Trump, the bad far outweighs the good. There is one area that does deserve praise, though. President Trump has done pretty well with North Korea (especially when you consider that we were once seemingly on the brink of nuclear war).

Sadly (and I say it’s sad because peace with North Korea would be objectively good), Trump’s efforts to make peace have fallen short of the desired result. Trump met with Kim Jong-un late last month to further the slow march towards peace, but both sides left no closer to their goal. As the New York Times reported, talks stalled because Trump pushed hard for North Korea to denuclearize. As I said last July, North Korea will never voluntarily denuclearize. Here’s why: Make a list of the countries that the United States has gone to war with in any capacity. Notice anything about that list? None – yes, none – of the countries the United States has gone to war with had nuclear weapons, let alone the capability to make nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are the best guarantee for peace, and Kim Jong-un is smart enough to know this. Trump sacrificed a peaceful resolution because he wanted a total victory, and he ended up with neither. Thankfully, I have faith in the South and North Korean governments to sort this out on their own.

Trump has said a lot of good things. Sadly, he hasn’t done any of them. Trump has talked a lot about pulling troops out of Syria and decreasing our presence in Afghanistan. The fact that he hasn’t followed through on either shows that he isn’t really interested in peace in the Middle East.

The only other good thing Trump has done in terms of promoting peace is not starting any new wars. This is a very low bar to clear, though, and I don’t think it’s deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize. Furthermore, Trump’s stances towards Venezuela and Iran seem to suggest that he’s not committed to avoiding new wars.

We are still at war in seven countries. Two years into Trump’s presidency, we are no better off in terms of peace. The wars Trump inherited are still raging on, resulting in countless deaths. Nuclear war with North Korea has been avoided, thankfully, but the situation is uneasy at best. We could intervene in Venezuela any day now, as we’ve already recognized a rebel as Venezuela’s rightful leader. And, as always, President Trump and his administration have their eyes on Iran, looking to undo the one good thing I think President Obama did – the Iran deal.

For all I know, President Trump could eventually pull troops out of Syria and Afghanistan, make peace with North Korea, and successfully maneuver his way through the growing tensions with Venezuela. I hope President Trump proves me wrong and brings peace worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize. However, I’m almost certain it won’t happen.

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