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My Sources

By Tyler Bauer

After yesterday’s blog about my political evolution, I figured I should tell you all where and from whom I get my information. So, here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of people and groups I pay attention to. You’ll notice that nowhere on this list is there a big news organization like Fox, CNN, etc. That’s intentional. Big news organizations don’t cover news anymore, and when they do, one of my sources will mention it. I trust my sources because they only mention things that are relevant, whereas the mainstream media has five minutes of actual news and the rest of the day is just filler.


·       Jason Stapleton – I first learned of Jason through his podcast, The Jason Stapleton Program. You can also check out his website here. He’s a minarchist, a successful businessman, and funny. He’s definitely worth checking out.

·       Tom Woods – Tom Woods is one of the most well-informed political commentators I know (he’d hate being called a political commentator). He’s an anarcho-capitalist (like me) and he’s honestly so smart that he makes me feel stupid. You should listen to his podcast, The Tom Woods Show. You can find out more about Tom Woods here.

·       Bob Murphy – Bob Murphy is a brilliant economist. He is an expert on Austrian economics and can explain to you why it is the superior economic school much better than I can.

·       Dave Smith – Dave Smith is an anarchist and a comedian. You should listen to his podcast, Part of the Problem, and buy his comedy album, Libertas. You can find out more about Dave Smith here.

·       Mance Rayder – Mance Rayder is also an anarchist. His podcast, Free Man Beyond the Wall, is a personal favorite of mine. He may be a bit extreme for some of you, so I ask that you give him a chance and don’t turn his podcast off the minute he says something you disagree with. Even if you don’t like his politics, he regularly shares pictures and videos of animals on Twitter and Facebook, so that alone is worth following him for. You can buy his books on his website.

·       Ben Shapiro – Honestly, I wasn’t sure about putting Ben Shapiro on this list. As time has gone on, I’ve become less and less of a fan of his. He’s too pro-war and pro-Israel for my taste. However, he is still good on a number of issues, and he’s very popular among my age group, so he’s still worth listening to.

·       Scott Horton – Scott Horton is an expert on foreign affairs. You can find all of his work here. I’m also currently reading (among other books) his book “Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan.” It’s a great book on our country’s longest ever war.

·       Ron Paul – He is the Godfather of modern libertarianism. I wasn’t politically engaged during his most notable moment (known simply as the “Giuliani Moment”), which is responsible for converting so many of today’s libertarians. Also, you should watch his “What If?” speech, listen to his podcast, the Ron Paul Liberty Report, and consume as much of Ron Paul’s material as you possibly can.

·       Michael Malice – Michael Malice does a little bit of everything. He’s great on many issues, but especially on North Korea. He’s also really funny, so you should check him out as well.

·       Eric July – Eric July is an anarcho-capitalist, gamer, and musician. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and iTunes as part of BackWordz, the band which he sings lead vocals for.

·       Funny Libertarian – I recently discovered Funny Libertarian (@funnylibertarian) on Twitter. Funny Libertarian can also be found on YouTube doing the show “This Week in 5 Minutes.”

·       Voluntary Joe – Voluntary Joe (@NoCupsOrLiberty) is a great follow on Twitter. I find a lot of other like-minded accounts to follow through Voluntary Joe’s retweets.

·       Anarchyball – If you’re interested in anarcho-capitalism, you have to follow Anarchyball on Twitter (@Anarchyball) and Facebook (facebook.com/anarchyball).

·       Julie Borowski – Julie is hilarious and is a great follow on Twitter and YouTube. Her videos are among the best libertarian videos out there.


·       The Economist – The Economist does have a website, but I almost exclusively use their weekly magazine. Each magazine covers topics from all around the world and is very informative.

·       Foreign Affairs – Foreign Affairs, as its name suggests, covers foreign affairs. They release six magazines every year and each one is full of valuable information. I can’t think of a better publication in its genre than Foreign Affairs.

·       Bombshell – Bombshell is part of the War on the Rocks network. It is a foreign policy podcast that is hosted by three women (which is great because there are so few women with platforms in this area) who all have unique experience in different areas of foreign policy. They’re really funny, too, which isn’t always a given in political podcasts.

·       Contra Krugman – Contra Krugman is a podcast hosted by Tom Woods and Bob Murphy (both listed above). Their podcast deals largely with economics as they successfully refute economist Paul Krugman.

·       The Scottish Liberty Podcast – If you can get past the accent barrier, this podcast is great. They’re foul-mouthed anarchists, so if that isn’t your thing, this may not be the podcast for you. They’re extremely politically incorrect, so this isn’t a podcast for the weak.

·       Financial Times – Specifically, I enjoy their World Weekly podcast. However, they have much more to offer in terms of news coverage.

·       FiveThirtyEight – I listen to their FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast weekly, but their website is great too. They mainly cover elections, but they also talk current events on their podcast and website.

·       BBC – Their Global News Podcast is a twice-daily (I think) show that covers news and current events around the world. Also, their website and news coverage offer a great look into British and European politics.

·       Deutsche Welle – Deutsche Welle’s Inside Europe podcast is the best way to stay up to date on relevant political events around Europe.

·       Near East PolicyCast – A good podcast on Middle Eastern affairs.

·       CSIS – The Russian Roulette podcast is a great podcast if you’re interested in Russian affairs. CSIS has much more to offer, though, and I encourage you to check out their website.

·       The Diplomat – The Diplomat’s Asia Geopolitics Podcast is the best podcast on Asian politics, stretching from the edge of the Middle East to Japan.

·       The Guardian – I listen to Politics Weekly and Brexit Means on a weekly basis. Politics Weekly is a great show for general British politics, and Brexit Means is by far the best podcast on Brexit.

·       Libertarian Christian Institute – If you’re interested in the intersection of faith and politics, LCI is a great website and The Libertarian Christian Podcast is a good podcast to listen to.

·       War on the Rocks – They have a website, but I usually just listen to their podcasts. They cover all things foreign policy.

There are so many more people, groups, and organizations I could have mentioned. If you’re new to politics or the liberty movement, this should be more than enough to get your feet wet. I hope you enjoy everything these sources have to offer!

P.S. I left a lot of great sources off my list, so if you’re looking for more sources, don’t hesitate to ask me.

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