A Liberal's Reaction to Justice Kennedy's Retirement

Justice Kennedy’s retirement has brought two very different reactions from conservatives and liberals. Conservatives are rejoicing at the idea of having a new justice that is more consistently conservative than Justice Kennedy. The left has had a much different reaction – it’s as if the apocalypse is inevitable for them.

Once again, there have been comparisons made that America is now on a path to becoming Nazi Germany.

This is the most radical reaction that I have seen and I’m sure some liberals would disagree with this person’s opinion but it’s still sad to think somebody has bought into this stuff. So let’s take the tweet one sentence a time.

“Literally in tears.” Literally.

“Haven’t felt this hopeless in a long time.” I guess all of his hope has run out from when Obama announced “Hope and Change.” Not only that but does this signal that liberal constituents are giving up on ever impeaching Trump? There used to be a lot of talk that the Democrats were going to win the Russia investigation and impeach President Trump. I guess that’s starting to fade in their eyes.

Now there’s a real doozy. “Now we have two options as Americans: get fitted for your Nazi uniform or report directly to your death camp.” Apparently this guy skipped history class the day they discussed the Nazi party. If anybody does believe that America is becoming Nazi Germany, I’d suggest first learning how the Nazis came to power. That alone should show that these are dumb comparisons. But if you’re still not convinced, possibly try reading what the Nazi’s did in power. If you still think America is becoming Nazi Germany after educating yourself, then try reading it all again.

“How do you fight darkness without light?” There’s literally a midterm election coming up in November. That’s your light.

“My spark is going out.” Really?

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