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Is President Trump Anti-Second Amendment?

By Tyler Bauer

I’m sure I’ll get angry Tweets about this topic (I usually do whenever I criticize President Trump). So, I’ll cut to the chase and say what I’m thinking – President Trump isn't nearly as pro-Second Amendment as his supporters claim and believe. Here are a handful of reasons why there’s a decent case to be made that President Trump is anti-Second Amendment.

3D Printed Guns

Earlier today, I wrote about the introduction of 3D printed guns. I also included the following Tweet from President Trump:

Judging by this Tweet, it seems as though President Trump is opposed to the idea of 3D printed guns. This makes him anti-Second Amendment because – in my opinion – the ability to 3D print guns is the most pro-gun rights development in the history of our country. With 3D printed guns, we are able to print, keep, and bear arms, all without any government control. Although they never could’ve envisioned 3D printing, the ability to privately own firearms is what the Founding Fathers intended.

“Take Guns First, Due Process Second”

In February of 2018, President Trump advocated taking the guns of people believed to be dangerous, even if it violated due process. His exact quote was the following: "Take the guns first, go through due process second." 

First, it is worth clarifying that you can't go through due process second. The whole point of due process is that it happens before anyone's rights are violated. Perhaps President Trump misspoke, but this quote shows that he may not fully understand what due process is.

Second, who decides who and what is considered "dangerous?" "Dangerous" is far too broad of a term, and it is open to any interpretation anyone would like to read into it. Are certain politically ideologies dangerous? Some would say yes. What about certain demographic groups, like religions and ethnic groups? Again, some would say yes. Clearly, using the word "dangerous" could lead to controversies. 

Third, the fact that the President of the United States can advocate for the illegal confiscation of arms is scary. The right to bear arms is a necessary right, one that I believe we could not be free without. If we allow any politician - whether it be President Trump or anyone else - to advocate taking our guns because someone might be dangerous, this could create a slippery slope.

Minimum Age to Purchase a Gun

How old should someone have to be to buy a gun? I'll let you decide for yourself, but I think that if you're old enough to be drafted into the military, you're old enough to buy your own gun. Requiring citizens to wait any long is, in my opinion, an infringement on our right to bear arms.

President Trump has advocated considering raising the minimum age to buy all guns from 18 to 21. Although he didn't go so far as to say that the minimum age should be raised, he did call raising the minimum age a "common sense" solution.

Assault Weapons Ban

President Trump has also suggested an assault weapons ban this year. When meeting with a number of legislators talking about making gun laws, President Trump said, "[Senator] Dianne [Feinstein], add what you have also." Dianne Feinstein is one of the foremost proponents of assault weapons bans.

Thankfully, President Trump later backed off of an assault weapons ban, but the fact that he was willing to include such a thing in a new bill is terrible. As you all know, I don't support assault weapons bans (and if you don't know that, click here.) An assault weapons ban violates our right to bear arms, and puts us at a significant disadvantage should the government turn tyrannical and a revolution become necessary. Furthermore, the definition of "assault weapon" is non-existent. Many lawmakers - including Senator Feinstein - have a much broader definition of "assault weapon" than you or I.

So, is President Trump anti-Second Amendment?

I may be too harsh on this issue (I am a Second Amendment absolutist, after all), but I believe President Trump is somewhat anti-Second Amendment. At the very least, he's far too anti-Second Amendment for my taste. What do you think?

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