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Freedom Loses in Missouri

In one of yesterday’s primary elections, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley won the Republican nomination for Missouri’s Senate seat which is held by incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill.

I say freedom lost in Missouri because Hawley best out Austin Petersen for the Republican Party’s nomination. Hawley was hand-picked by the Republican Party establishment and put virtually no effort into his campaign. Furthermore, he claims to oppose McCaskill’s status as a career politician; however, Hawley was only elected Attorney General two years ago, and appears to be well on his way climbing the political ladder to Washington.

Had he won the primary and general elections, Petersen would have immediately become the most pro-freedom Senator - only Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky could challenge him for that title. Unfortunately, Missouri chose the establishment’s pick for the Senate.

Regardless of whether you support Petsersen’s politics, one thing is for sure: The establishment is not what the American people want. This is why Hawley will have a tough time defeating McCaskill in November. At the end of the day, Hawley isn’t all that different from McCaskill. They’re both establishment hacks, they’re both career politicians, and they’re both wrong for Missouri and America.

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