Corporatism Loves Terrorism

By Tyler Bauer

If you haven’t heard of Raytheon, here’s a quick explanation – Raytheon is a massive American defense manufacturer. Raytheon – along with companies like Boeing and Northrup Grumman – is a key member of the military-industrial complex. And, coincidentally, al Qaeda’s weapons from the Syrian Civil War have been traced back to Raytheon. Yes, you read that right – Raytheon (an American company) supported al Qaeda (the terrorist group behind 9/11).

Why would Raytheon support al Qaeda?

Perhaps the most obvious reason why Raytheon would support al Qaeda is the money involved. I’ve never worked for or in a terrorist organization, but I assume it can be difficult for terrorist groups to buy weapons. Not too many people are willing to do business with terrorists. So, terrorists have to pay a premium to get the weapons they need. This presents a huge opportunity for big defense companies like Raytheon, who can reap the rewards stemming from terrorism.

Second, the existence of terrorist groups like al Qaeda justifies our country’s military budget, as well as our country’s use of Raytheon for defense projects and supplies. If the problem of terrorism were to go away, we wouldn’t have a need for an obscene military budget or war profiteers like Raytheon. So, in this case, terrorism is good for the government and Raytheon because it keeps each of them relevant.

What can we do about this?

Sadly, you probably don’t have much control over who Raytheon does business with. However, what you can do is let people know who Raytheon does business with. So, tell everyone who cares (which should be everyone) that Raytheon, an American company, is supporting the same terrorist group that attacked us on 9/11. Shame Raytheon every chance you get.

Not only is Raytheon supporting terrorists, but the government is endorsing their support of terrorsts, too. How is the government doing this? By taking money from Raytheon. This isn’t a left-right or Democrat-Republican issue. Both parties are in bed with Raytheon, who is in bed with terrorist groups. Furthermore, most Raytheon lobbyists previously held government jobs. Also, the government actively uses Raytheon for its own defense supplies. In every way imaginable, the government actively endorses Raytheon’s acceptance of terrorism. So, if/when you vote, don’t vote for the candidate who supports high military spending, and make sure you know where each candidate gets their campaign contributions from. Just follow the money, and you’ll learn the truth.

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