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"Conservatives" are Growing the Deficit

By Tyler Bauer

Due to President Obama’s love of deficits,  the national debt nearly doubled while he was in office. With the Republicans winning the executive and legislature in 2016, I was hoping we’d see a return of fiscal conservatism - the Republican Party does claim to be the fiscally responsible party, after all. Sadly, I didn’t get what I was hoping for.

President Trump added $1 trillion to the national debt in his first fourteen months. According to CNBC, the deficit - our yearly addition to the debt - is expected to surpass $1 trillion next year. 

Why Things are Getting Worse 

I’ve gone into detail before regarding where the majority of our government’s spending goes (click here and here for more).

The government’s obligations grow every year. Our population is always increasing, as is the size of government, so it’s virtually impossible to cut spending. At best, the government will choose to increase spending at a lower rate than it previously determined. That’s what passes as a budget cut nowadays.

There’s no “Fiscally Conservative Party” 

 In the two major parties, fiscal conservatism is dead. Sure, there are a few good politicians on this issue (Senator Rand Paul and Representative Thomas Massie come to mind). However, look at the lack of support these two receive on this issue. They are labeled as traitors to their party or anti-Trumpers, but really they’re just principled on this issue.

What can we do? 

Unless you’re a member of government, you have little to no control over government spending. However, you do have control over who does have control over government spending. So, if you’re one who votes, I encourage you to refuse to vote for anyone who supports running a deficit. You shouldn’t spend more than you earn, so why should the government? And if the person who gets elected isn’t fiscally responsible, I encourage you to contact your elected official as often as possible to encourage him or her to quit being so irresponsible. Even if he or she doesn’t change their ways, at least you’re annoying them. That won’t erase the debt, but it’s better than doing nothing.  

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