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Are you suffering from Trump Anxiety Disorder?

By Tyler Bauer

Do you suffer from anxiety caused by President Trump’s decisions? If so, there’s a name for this: Trump Anxiety Disorder.

Trump Anxiety Disorder is – apparently – a real disorder. In the eighteen months since President Trump took office, American mental health professionals have seen a rise in patients whose stress is caused specifically by politics. Mental health professionals have found that Trump Anxiety Disorder’s primary symptoms include “feeling as though the world is going to end” and “feeling a loss of control and helplessness, and fretting about what's happening in the country and spending excessive time on social media.”

Thankfully, I Have the Cure

Look, I get it. Politics can be stressful, especially when someone you don’t like is in office. But don’t worry, I have a cure for Trump Anxiety Disorder. It isn’t a pill, a vaccination, or anything like that. The cure is to limit the power of the executive branch.

If you feel as though the world is going to end because of who’s the President, maybe the President has too much power. If you feel a loss of control, feel helpless, are fretting about what’s happening in the country, and are spending too much time on social media, maybe the President has too much power.

The President was never intended to have the power to end the world, control your life, make you feel helpless, make you fret about what’s happening in the country, and make you spend too much time on social media. President Trump may not be the best person for the job, but I’d argue that the issue here is the power of the President, not the President himself. No President– regardless of whether you like who’s in office – should have the power to unilaterally bomb other countries, dictate whether you can freely trade over international borders, or anything like that.

The cure for Trump Anxiety Disorder isn’t any sort of medication or therapy. No mental health professional can solve the cause of Trump Anxiety Disorder. The only cure is to restore the system which this country was founded with – a democratic republic. If the executive branch was essentially reset and only given the powers it was intended to have, the personality and disposition of President Trump – or any president, for that matter – would be more or less irrelevant. The personalities and dispositions that would matter would be those in the legislative branch, which is so large that no one person can abuse the branch’s power. So, let’s forget about Prozac, meditation, or anything like that – let’s reduce the power of the executive branch.

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