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Abortion Isn’t a Reproductive Right

By Tyler Bauer

Following Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, many pro-choice Americans are fearful that their reproductive rights will be taken away.

There’s only one problem with this fear - abortion isn’t a reproductive right. (It might not even be a right, but that’s a blog for another day.) 

Calling abortion a reproductive right is just plain wrong. Abortion is completely separate from reproduction. It happens well after reproduction has occurred. So, quit asking for reproductive rights - what you’re really looking for are pregnancy rights.

So, what are reproductive rights? The right to sleep with whomever you choose comes to mind. (Reproduction implies a heterosexual relationship, but I don’t think the government should be involved regardless.) Laws against sodomy or interracial relationships, for example, would be a violation of reproductive rights. A prohibition of contraception would be, too. This doesn’t mean someone - whether it be the government or a company - HAS to give you contraception. It just means that the government can’t prevent the sale of contraception. 

Are reproductive rights at risk? 

For the most part, no, they aren’t. There are some states, however, that still have sodomy laws on their books. (The laws are unconstitutional, but they still exist.) Similarly, some states still have laws criminalizing oral sex. These are the kinds of laws that jeopardize reproductive rights.

Please, quit calling abortion a reproductive right.

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